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Selena Ardelean | Triple A Coaching
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Inspiring & Empowering Coaching

Advance in confidence towards your true self
Life is!

The ‘Law of Relativity’ says that it is only by comparison with something or someone that things become something better or worse. So is life!

Highway to self reflections

Coaching is a process, a journey where coachee (you) and coach (I) discover together the road to your happiness and your personal fulfillment.

100% responsibility

New positive thoughts, better results. You are 100% responsible for your results in your life which are in turn a reflection of your way of thinking in the past.

Awareness and self confidence

You learn to trust in your own abilities. I will be your mirror and you will be mine. The learning process belongs to you: aware, able and aligned.

Personal commitment

Burning desire is a starting point for great achievements. Your personal commitment is the main key for your personal success!

Positive thinking

You are a divine being in a human body. Creativity will allow you to reconnect with the spiritual power within you.

Word, Color & Happiness

Allow yourself to become who you are
  • Feb062018

    Confessions of a Coach 

    ‘You always know everything. It’s not fun to talk to you. Whatever I am doing feels like I’m never going to do it right. I hate it. I hate you!’ – she sighed with despair while tears were flooding her eyes. She came to see me after her third marriage ended in what seemed and endless battle for possessions. Like a war victim who had given up on the very last ounce of self-esteem she told me the ‘whole’ story: how people were taking advantage of her, how she was...

  • Jan012018

    Wishing You a Crystal Clear 2018!

    Happy New Year! May 2018 be… Please fill in the blanks with what you feel appropriate. I complete the sentence with ‘crystal clear’ as this is the message I have received from ‘Up there’ on the night between years. Some of you might think that this was an induced thought and that it was brought about as a revelation by the breaking of our surprise geode shortly before midnight. Who knows… it could be! Though I somehow sense a deeper understanding of this intention for the year to come. As...

  • Dec202017

    Life Hacks: Keeping Scores

    Have you ever watched small children fight over toys, seats at the table, helping in the household? Have you ever heard them saying: ‘It’s not fair?’ when they felt left aside, exploited or somehow disadvantaged? Do you say it yourself that life is not fair? That you did this and that and so on, and you don’t even get a ‘thank you’ in return? Do you also believe that when you give people a helping hand they will rip off your arm with it? Are you fond of keeping scores...


I write, eat or make love with passion: with my whole me! My pages are slices of soul left on a sheet of paper to sink into your eyes and hearts. I consider the word to be my gift.



I paint the same way: intuitively, with brushes, pencils, forks, knives, pens and fingers. I devour the canvas. I fully enjoy giving it structure. I never took painting lessons other than YouTube tutorials – thank you, generous artist for sharing your skills.

Start Changing Your Life

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slices of me

Emotions are energies in motion seeking a way to be expressed. They are the language of the soul universally understood beyond land frontiers and cultural heritage. Art is their physical expression.


Words from our Clients

You’re in the best of hands.