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Definition no. 1

Sep 18 2013

Definition no. 1

Happiness is a hole.

Happiness is a hole in all my children’s clothes, whether freshly purchased or old and ragged.

It is generally situated on the sleeves or legs of the trousers; however it has been less frequently observed in shoes.

You can perceive it on the covers of the sofa as well, close to the edges.

This particular hole has a diameter of about 0.1cm and is accompanied by irregular shredding of the tissue.

It is generally generated in the morning or early evenings when all the members of the family gather together. It can also bring about an important amount of positive stress and high raising decibels.

It is developed by our dog, as being happy to see us, she would jump on us and next to us, all the way from the entrance, through the 11m hallway and sit tight only when caressed and kissed or rolled on the floor with. The laughter is the expected outcome of the hole when the dog’s teeth leave it the garments of those playing with her.

Every time I iron I remember when a particular hole was made and the joy it brought about, the children’s giggling and their laughter. I would not saw it for the world!

Actually, the hole is the longest lasting proof of  the existence of happiness.

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