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If I were to die tomorrow

Nov 16 2013

If I were to die tomorrow


If I were to die tomorrow,

I would cry out my soul, for all the miracles I’ve been dreaming and I have for ever thrown away.

I would kiss my little ones and entrust them with my smile, for those days in their lives

when a mom’s words heals, encourages and soothes their pain,

for those other days when from above, from the golden cloud I’ll sit on, they will need my blessing.

I would  make love to my man as if it were for the first time,

I would enjoy the surprise and the sweet overwhelming warmth sealed with a celestial hug.

I would ask him to forgive me and never let me go.

I would call my mom, I’d tell her I love her for what she has given me in life.

I would tell her that I would wait for her and promise to hold her hand on her way to the skies.

I would write a letter to my brothers. I would not spare my words, neither the pain I leave behind me,

nor the indifference that so much hurts.

I would hug my dog, and kiss it farewell. I’ll make it promise to keep an eye on my beloved,

And bark when it would feel me drift away.

I would tease my cat one last time and scratch it behind its pointed ears.

I would let my friends know, brief encounters, gems and pillars,

That my life was so much richer after having met them.

I would thank all my amazing teachers for the lessons they taught me and wish them to passionately share their wisdom

With all those willing to learn.

I would raise my eyes to Heaven and secretly ask my dad to come welcome me at threshold

We have so many things to catch up!

If I were to die tomorrow,

I would beg for a delay… there are so many dreams I lived for … I don’t want them to fade away.

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