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Definition no. 6

Nov 21 2013

Definition no. 6

Definition No. 6

Happiness is a spinach soup.

The one I happened to come across totally by hazard in the new sandwich shop that opened exactly 3 months ago on a lateral street, close to my office.

The office I eagerly leave to go on lunch break.

And while I am busy promising myself I would never ever get back inside the building again, I head wherever my steps lead me until I find a suitable pit stop to recharge my batteries and drop the ballast of a first half of an excruciating working day.

I turn left and right and I waltz my ideas in my mind until tired of this self-torturing I realize my empty stomach is making strange noises. Primary needs take control over an overcharged brain.

I push the door open. I greet the people at the counter and I immediately look for the menu. I don’t know what I want nor do I have the patience to look for it.

Suddenly I have a revelation: “Surprise me!” I challenge the waiter.

I expect a thorough presentation of the items ‘a la carte’. Wrong: he vanishes silently.

Now the waiter crosses the small room sunk in muzak, carrying a tray with a bowl on top of it, two small white bread baguette and  butter.

“It’s a soup! Of all of things he could have come up with… he chose a soup!” I shout it to myself.

Disappointment can be read on my grimace. I am about to make a comment as the bowl is served.

There’s something intriguing about this soup. I sniff it unconvinced. I raise an eyebrow. I grab the spoon and slowly stir the green liquid. The texture is startling: creamy but not smooth enough, watery but just not liquid enough, saucy…  I taste with disbelief.

An explosion of flavors takes me aback: mall seeds of sesame crunch deliciously between my teeth. An ounce of cream and small bites of smoked salmon refine the green taste of an amazing spinach soup.

I enjoy every bite of my fresh calories-trapping white baguette with a generous layer of butter on top of it to smooth its harsh crust.

I drink my wonder soup and I forget myself and the others in my moment of pure innocent pleasure.

Happiness is a spinach soup.

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