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Definition no. 7

Nov 22 2013

Definition no. 7

Definition No. 7

Happiness is a selfish Friday morning.


It starts after you left your kids in school, after you walked the dog, after you cleaned the mess in the house, after you sipped the last drop of cold coffee, after you kissed your husband good-bye and you grabbed the car keys in one hand and your bag in the other one.

It’s when you start the engine of the car and smile at the perspectives that the selfish Friday morning is instated.

A cup of tea in the Stone Manor Tea Room and the healthy balanced chocolate fudge cake that matches it, with faint traces of vegetable fibers and a generous nut spread on top, that’s happiness. Let’s not forget the orange slice aside for a nice colored contrast!

Even better, a Latte Amaretto, in the company of your best friends, busily laughing  over everything and nothing, so that the other customers would ask themselves what we have in our drinks. For real.

And add this: it’s a children free area! No: “sit down, sit straight, watch out, eat up, stop fidgeting, stop crying, stop shouting, shut up, speak out, watch out, I told you this and that, here, there, watch out, if you don’t this and if you don’t that we go, you’ll suffer the consequences!” No eyes constantly searching the area for hidden dangers, no constant predicting of potential catastrophes. No phone calls worthy to be answered.

Happiness is to selfishly enjoy a carefree Friday morning and then go shopping in the afternoon!

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