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Wish List

Dec 12 2013

Wish List


Dear Santa,

Since I was a child I had to write you a letter to let you know what I wanted for Christmas underneath the tree.

I was never sure if I deserved anything this is why I tried to keep my dreams as low as possible and just be happy with whatever I would find. I would resume my letters to three lines and a drawing, private businesslike, to the point.

Luckily you would always drop by, leave the window ajar and put the lights on the so that I knew I was one of the good ones.

Do you know that I would secretly wish and pray for days before your arrival that you would not miss me? Of course you know, we all did the same, or not?

I could even tell by the generosity of Saint Nicholas if there was something to be expected for Christmas. Not only as a child but as an adult too.

The truth is that now, being an official Mother Christmas myself I understand better your trouble in trying to make everybody happy.

So I will be as selfish as possible this time. This letter is (but) about me! One at a time is easier to handle than a whole bunch of 5 plus dog and cat and fish.

Therefore this letter, in bullet points. I know you don’t have much time to go through novels:

Wish List

  • I wish to see my children’s eyes filled with surprise and joy – that would last more than 5 minutes after opening the presents! (of course there will be presents!)
  • I wish them to laugh and jump carefree around the house – outside might be a bit too cold for this craziness, unless you make sure there’s snow, fluffy puffy snow.
  • I wish them to have a fulfilled childhood – and/but
  • I wish them to miss, so that they learn that life is not about being spoiled – this is the mother in me wanting kids to be brought up in a balanced way… the one of the efforts they have to make to get what they want because, except for Christmas, nothing will fall on their lap – or maybe a rotten pear. And then they will be happy it’s on their lap and not on their heads.
  • I wish a secret wish for my Santa… – please make sure you provide the right mood and setting and red lacy underwear, candles, a fine wine and soft musical background…nts nts nts! You’re not allowed to watch!
  • I wish to be surrounded by my family and dear friends – I have already taken care of the cakes! Delicious-divine,-deadly-for-the-calories-count-flan-caramel-double chocolate-cream-cakes! Yes, you can have a bite. One, I am generous enough! Just grab it before anybody else!
  • I wish to hear my dog and cat  talking at midnight as I have wished for years – it appears that they talk all the time, they gossip like socks on a line, the whole day long. They have philosophical discussions, they chase each other – well the dog chases the cat like I am chasing my husband, and yes, the dog resembles me, totally, completely, we even have the same hair style but different hair dye – so I would be so curious to find out… what they are chit-chatting about!
  • I wish you will always be there no matter what – I actually want to  make sure that you’re my back-up. Call it team work!
  • I wish to keep wishing! – this is the toughest one, but you’re Santa, you can do it! You know you can! and you know myself, I always find interest in something,  quite often, quite sudden, but it’s better than have no wish at all, right?

Looking forward to see you granting my wishes!

See you on Christmas Eve!


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