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Definition no. 12

Feb 03 2014

Definition no. 12

Definition No.12

Happiness is… a fallen tooth!

He looks at me with big eyes, smiling round his face.
One hand behind his back, one covering his mouth.

“What happened?” I ask anguished at the sight of the drop of blood gliding at the corner of his mouth.
I rush to remove his fingers from his open mouth and feel terror raising in me.

“Talk to me!” I urge my son to give me answers. Pertinent ones!
He doesn’t make a sound other than a joyous giggling. He grew an inch taller I would say.
I step back and measure him head to toe.

“Show me! Come on!”, my voice softer, frowned eyes to hide my emotions, light in my eyes and heart pounding.

Then his fingers reach his lips and slowly reveal themselves holding out proudly an extraordinary treasure: one tiny-shiny milk tooth! The first one to fall out! The essence of life in itself!

By now, red crimson drops have coloured his t-shirt. He is proud and happy!
“I am a big boy! and I am rich! The Tooth Fairy will leave some money under my pillow tonight! And then, we go to eat pizza!”

By far, happiness is a fallen tooth!

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