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Definition no. 16

Jan 12 2015

Definition no. 16

Definition no. 16

Happiness is a table!

She was sitting proudly at the round table, her smile illuminating the festive livingroom.

The lacy table cloth was unfolding generously underneath the many plates, boards and trays filled with delicious love. She had been working without end for the last 2h of the last evening of the year. This was her way of telling to the world that she was happy!

When she finally took a break, her gaze encountered the rich New Year Eve’s dinner arrangement. She took a deep breath and tears filled her eyes. Her throat started to ache, her heart began beating slower. Her husband had been gone for a while now, though she was still awaiting for his voice to rise from his room and ask in his beloved grumpy voice: “Where’s the dinner, woman? What does a man need to do to get some food around here?” She would giggle and reply in a slightly angered tone that he should have helped her instead of having read for hours in a row.


Adorned in purple and gold, the round table lies quietly in the middle of the living room.

I am staring at it and tears flood my soul. She is gone, he is gone… the table survived, together with their love.

I light the candle. Its warmth reminds me of their love spreading in the new home. I am happy.

The guests pour inside. We can now celebrate… 10 years at the round table!

Happiness is a round table!

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