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Definition no. 17

Feb 12 2015

Definition no. 17

Definition no.17


is made of

the things you

take for


The sight of the full moon on the velvety dark sky,

the face of your children,

the presence of your lover,

the light.

The favourite music playing in your head and making you smile,

the bark of a naughty happy dog,

the sound of your keyboard,

 the rhythm of your heart beat,

the phone ringing, the kids laughing.

The taste of chocolate,

the hot dark coffee in the morning,

the strawberry on whipped cream and vanilla biscuits,

the bouquet of the bordeaux Chateau Martinet 2008 next to the abbey cheese blocks,

The frozen wind biting your cheecks on winter days back home,

the hairs going up with emotion,

the warmth of a kiss,

the silly comfort of a childish hug.

Would you miss them if they vanished?

Happiness is

granted to you,

 do not take it for granted!

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