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Brief Encounters – Secret Love

Feb 18 2015

Brief Encounters – Secret Love

Secret Love

One morning she opened to me like the bud of a rose, ready to be admired and yet


She knew that once discovered, people would set an eye on her, scrutinize her, judge her, admire

her, pity her, defend her, argue against her.

Mother Nature endowed her with wisdom and humility. She has seen it all coming and there is a lot

more to face.

Red. Her color is red, like passion running through the veins, like good refined wine, like rich silk

curtains hanging at entrance doors, like piles of velvety cum-cum on a market counter.

She smells like yellow. Insidious curry caressing your tongue, praying in your palace, urging you to

take a deep full breath and then surrender to the gentle invasion of the savor.

The really lucky ones can venture about having touched her. And the bravest admire the spikes of her

thorns. They are meant to protect her and not to hurt others.

She sounds like the busy life on an early Tuesday on the humid streets, when buses and motorbikes

and cars rush to the unrecognizable end point of a never-ending race.

She would embrace you shyly. She would not dare look you into the eye unless she felt desired.

She would hide under gorgeously draped tissues, and unveil herself just enough for her humbleness

to be perceived by the caring. She will patiently take the time for you to open your eyes and see her.

She would know your soul the instant you met her, she would bring up to the surface your fears,

your ambitions, your compassion, your love, your despair. As what is meant to happen, will happen.

She will not teach you a lesson, but you’ll learn from her. She would surprise you with a myriad of

sparkles of life, glittering like grains of dust in the sun. And you could resist her; you could rebel

against her, you could accept her. You could never ignore her.

She is warm and strong and determined. She has a destiny to fulfill and she will go on like flows of

rivers caressing shores and changing sceneries.

It’s up to you, stranger, and if you accept her smooth challenge. Once you’re setting off, allow

yourself the privilege of being her guest. I did, and this is where an amazing lifetime adventure


Her name is… India.

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