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22 March 2016

22 March 2016

I stepped out of a coaching session irritated and disturbed by the constant buzzes I was

receiving on my phone. I cursed silently my forgetting to turn it off completely, especially as I was

already busy from 8am.

I apologized to my coachee as I realized I could not maintain my focus through our conversation.

I had to have a look.

A cold shower of deep pain, sorrow, angriness, a million of “why’s”, and excruciating silence

inhabited me when I read the news on Zaventem airport being the scene of terrorist attacks.

My heart froze, my mind dismissed the atrocity of all that. People running in panic, in terror and

God knows what more they might have felt in the middle of the torment.

I cannot but cry thinking that the Belgian land I was talking about so proudly in Orlando last week

is now victim of such an abominable act. I had even written a message last Friday that I was

happy I was returning to a safer Belgium.

As I sense fear crawling up my spine, I realize I have a choice: be scared and confirm the

terrorists in their power position or pray and send out my positive thoughts and unconditional love

to all people out there.

I pray for those who left this world so sadly, I pray for all the dreams they left behind, I pray for all

the mornings they will witness from the skies from now on… I pray that they are full of sunshine,

that they are protected up there… rest in peace…

I pray for those who will desperately try to understand all this and why it happened to them, who

lost their beloved ones, friends, families, or the strangers in a metro they probably said ‘hi’ to. I

pray that they find peace at heart… someday…

I pray for my ex-colleagues on the airport, brave people with the right sense of duty. I pray for

them to regain the courage and the passion they poured in their extraordinary work…

I pray for the police and armed forces who need to deal with all this…I pray for them to keep their

faith, to trust their values and continue protecting us…

I pray for those who witness this tragedy from ‘safe’ distance, still close enough to understand the

desperation settling deep in their hearts while realizing that ‘tomorrow’ might never come. I pray

that you trust the power of unconditional love…

I pray for all those across the borders concerned with our safety here. I pray that you never feel

this pain…

I pray for those who perpetrated these acts… It’s beyond my power to understand, accept or not

condemn their actions. I pray that light can lift the darkness from their hearts. They know no


I pray that I am given the strength to stay away from judgement, from hatred and isolation. 

I keep my faith. I choose to pray… God help…

May God keep us safe…

May God bless us ALL!

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