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24 March 2016

24 March 2016



The magical three.

Some say three is a charm…

Other say three is a lucky number…

Day three…

I started counting the days from the last end of the world I survived after the attacks in Brussels

and Zaventem.

After the shock, the pain, the disgust, the fear, the inability to understand, to grasp the magnitude

of what had happened on day one, paralysis took over on the second day. Solidarity messages

poured in to the support of all of us. We felt loved, cared for and… not alone. Human tragedy

erases boundaries, frontiers, shallow differences. We are all touched one way or the other. And

where’s no ‘mom’ to take away our sorrow, there’s God sending out Love and Light to those

needing it the most.

On day two rage reached steep levels. The darker it went, the lighter the messages of comfort

and support travelled across the oceans. Facebook captured it all and mirrored hundreds of

thousands of candles lit in the memory of ….

Day three… is the sad day of numbers.

The fog of surprise is lifting off. Victims are given a name, a nationality, they become stories…

Since yesterday evening the numbers are falling like in a macabre lottery: 31 casualties, 269

injured, 4 reported missing. 40 nationalities. 2 survivors of the metro explosion: a 23 year old

mom and her 2.5 year old daughter. Romanians.

Schools are open again in Vilvoorde this morning (approx. 5km from Zaventem). No guards at

the entrance but the parents are not allowed in the premises. Sad…

I kissed my guys on their rosy cheeks at the school port and I wished them a fun day. I promised

I will enjoy my day too. I sealed my words with a ‘high five’.

The lights in their eyes and the uncountable fantasies waiting to be turned into reality glittering on

their smiling faces made me realize that Life is wonderful and simple.

Adults master the art of complicating it when they get confused with fear, anger, violence,

misunderstanding, comparing, differentiating, rating, winning and losing, saving, earning. When

they stop communicating, they refrain from connecting to others and to themselves.

Kids are our greatest teachers. They contain the purest essence of Love and Light.

Feed the seed of unconditional love in their hearts, love them back, fully, totally, with no reason.

They are love and light regardless the language they are speaking.

They all laugh the same way! We all used to laugh… the same way!

3 is the day of numbers.

Turn it a three-folded added value day!

Respect those who left us three days ago and the freedom we ought to enjoy.

Hug at least three times, reach out to three human fellows and smile!

Add value. Pray.

Dear God, let there be Light and Love…

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