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April 04 2016

April 04 2016


Have you seen them?

The four white flashing lights in the middle of the night?

What about the red one?

Have you heard them?

Have you recognized the most wonderful annoying decibel limit trespassing noise?

The one coming from another world?

From above the clouds, higher in the skies?

The one making the roof of your house tremble, the windows shake and your dog bark with the

nose up and a dizzy look?

The one that makes you toss your pillow and swear between the teeth because it ruins your night


The one you have been checking the sharpness of the time on your clock with?

The one that reminds you that there are holidays in the world, that there are business trips, that

there are “coming home”s and “going away”‘s?

The one that makes you wonder about “what if”‘s and “how could'”s?

The one that triggers your fantasy and makes you instantly grab a chewing gum in order to

prevent painful sinuses?

Have you caught the glimpse of it in the middle of the night?

Have you?

I have!

Its wings wide spread, nose in the direction of the wind, roaring its engines above the highway,

turning smoothly to the right like taking a bow towards the runway that has been silent for 12


On the 13th of the nights after the Brussels attack I saw IT!

I saw the first plane taking off!

It’s not the first one, God bless, but it’s MY first one!

It is the one that brings a large smile on my face, makes me turn the music loud – yeah, let’s get


Suddenly I am ‘night dreaming’ about waking up with a wrinkled face at 4.30 am, cursing the

rumble at the upper level and then swirling on the other side of the bed, pillow on my head,

laughing when, as a humble human being you regain your hope when you recognize something

you so much love: A Plane Taking Off from Zaventem Airport! This calls for a celebration!

Let there be Light and Love!

Have you seen it?

Have you heard it?

Have you smelled it?

Have you felt it?

I have!

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