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23rd of April

23rd of April

Life as we know it.

One month and one day ago the world stopped from revolving around itself.
We froze into a horror scenario of bomb attacks in Brussels.
We witnessed massive amounts of support and testimonials of compassion from all over the world.
We held our breath with shock, fear, frustraton, anger.
We counted the victims, we burried the dead… then we licked our wounds.
The news kept us up to date with the procedures: one minister dismissed, the third terrorist captured and convicted, first plane raising high on the beautiful blue sky of Belgium.
We went off on holidays, we returned.

We work, we eat, we sleep, we start again in the morning.
One month and one day after… we started crossing the days on the calender differently. What changed? What stays the same? What have we learned?

I have been blessed with Light and Love which I understood from a different perspective. And today, as I was singing a prayer during the First Communion of the best friend of my second son – what an honor – in Dutch, for the first time in my life – I took a second and I thanked for the amazing healing power of Love and Light.

It is a neverending wonder for me to open up my eyes in the morning and to hear the planes, my kids screaming with joy and laughing downstairs, with me willing to jump into my high heel shoes and go out and shine.
I learned that I do not have the right to stop shining, be grateful and happy, no matter what.

And you, what have you learned… one month and one day further down the flow of life?

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