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January’s book – 2017

Jan 04 2017

January’s book – 2017


If there is one thing I would mention when I am introducing myself to new people is that I love to sleep and to read, not necessarily in this order. Somewhat contradictory in nature, these activities boost my energy level. I only regret that I cannot combine them into an efficient multitasking. Well, I do not believe in multitasking, therefore I enjoy both activities one at a time.

For the book of the month I would like to share with you some of the reads that stay with me after closing the covers of the books, for whatever reason this might happen. I do believe that if there is something to learn from one book, it will stick to my heart and soul. It means that they deserve to be spread in the world.

What am I reading right now?

Rhonda Byrne’s “The Magic” continues the series of best sellers that have started with “The Secret”.

Why did I read it?

Because for a long time I missed Magic in my life. I refused it, I dismissed it, I did not believe in it. What a dull life.

Yet, I do not regret that period of my life. How could I understand what true Magic is if I had no idea what the lack of it looked like?

As Rhonda Byrne says it in the opening of her book, The Magic is nothing more and nothing less than being grateful. She explains that when you (any persona) are not grateful for what your life is, you will never receive more in exchange because you prevent “magic” to colour your life. When you miss showing gratitude, you stop the flow of a good health, of happiness, of growth, of work recognition, of your career.

You need to give before your receive. Gratitude means to offer your appreciation. It’s free, it’s accessible, it’s abundant.

The book proposes 28 exercises in order to teach yourself how to offer your appreciation.

Connect yourself to the magic within yourself by applying what you read. What other ways of showing appreciation do you know? Share and Spread! We are grateful for whatever comes our way!

Shine on!


https://www.bol.com/nl/p/the-magic/1001004011707029/?country=BE&Referrer=ADVNLGOO002011C-G- 37544853412-S-18283950120-1001004011707029

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