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April’s book – 2017

Mar 28 2017

April’s book – 2017

It is by chance (of course I do not believe it to be so myself) that this book landed in my hands. I was watching a video of Mabel Katz on the principles of Ho’oponopono (https://books.google.be/books?id=wkExRM-CLekC&dq=ho%27oponopono&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiHh_CN-uzSAhUFVRQKHYlWDwcQ6AEIHDAA) where she explained that saying ‘Thank you’ works pretty much as a ‘delete’ button in the spiritual world, which allows you to release past soul hurt and open yourself up for a new beginning.

At some point she said: “Well, if you haven’t read Dr. Newton’s book – The Journey of Souls you might be willing to do so. That’s basic knowledge.”

I was at first startled, then intrigued. I ordered the book out of curiosity and with the intention that ‘one day’ I would get to it. I totally forgot about my order on Amazon until the doorbell rang and I had to sign for my parcel. And then I knew… I would start it and not leave it until I finished it.

This is a book for you if you are curious to get new insights about where the souls go after death, if there is anything else beyond death, if reincarnation and life lessons trigger you. Be prepared for a journey of your own. Not always easy to digest, yet comforting in some way.

I consider it to be a nice present Life brought me on my 40th anniversary. It made me smile, gave me hope and made me feel closer to my beloved mom and dad as I haven’t felt in a while.

Read and enjoy!

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