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May’s book – 2017

May 04 2017

May’s book – 2017

Yes, it is a Miracle.

The Miracle of Self-Love by Barbel Mohr.

So many of us have forgotten what it is to love ourselves. We would rather break ourselves apart and beat ourselves up for what we consider not having been enough in our actions, feeling or emotions. We look at the negative side, at what’s still missing for perfection, that we totally ignore the magnificent power of Life flowing thorugh our veins: LOVE.

I had this book for years. I put it on a shelf. I guess I liked the cover more than the title. I cannot remember when I got it or how, what I remember is that it landed again in my hands this month.

I recommend it to all those looking for a de-dreamatizing read of the ‘self-love’ concept. To all those who enjoy scientific progress explained in easy going language and efficient exercises.

You can always read the book, though it’s much more efficient if you do the exercises.

Remember the “Shine Bright Mentorship Retreat’? Well, this is the best way of weaving theory and practice. Check out the dates and rates in the Agenda section of the newsletter.

Light and Love,

Selena and Mrs Sparkle

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