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June’s book – 2017

Jun 08 2017

June’s book – 2017

The Heart of The Soul by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Or what I call your guide book to understanding your emotions, where they come from and their link to different troubles and problems your body might be fighting.

I was watching one of the Supersoul.tv episodes on youtube looking for inspiration for my own reflections when I came across this film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iaqs4_xePk.

As usually I ordered both The Heart of the Soul and The Seat of the Soul. But because at some point my husband too The Seat of the Soul to read, I was left with the Heart of the Soul.

This is that kind of books that triggers a switch in the way one perceives his/her life. Gary Zukav deals with the forming of emotions and what they tell about the lessons to learn in life. It’s not a coffee chat book. It’s a manual of decoding your own uneasiness and understand the way we receive and send out energy from our bodies. Emotional awareness is the first step in healing your negative feelings.

Emotional awareness is preventive medicine.”

Energy is always leaving each of the centers in your energy system. As it does, it creates an experience that we call emotion… When energy leaves through every center in love and trust, your energy system is beautiful and radiant… The chronic release of energy in fear and doubt from any center in your energy system produces physical symptoms in the vicinity of that center.”

I highly recommend Gary Zukav’s book to all of you out there on a spiritual quest.

Love and Light,


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