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Life Hacks: Keeping Scores

Life Hacks: Keeping Scores

Have you ever watched small children fight over toys, seats at the table, helping in the household?

Have you ever heard them saying: ‘It’s not fair?’ when they felt left aside, exploited or somehow disadvantaged?

Do you say it yourself that life is not fair? That you did this and that and so on, and you don’t even get a ‘thank you’ in return? Do you also believe that when you give people a helping hand they will rip off your arm with it?

Are you fond of keeping scores with what you do and others don’t? Are you busy recalling all the should’s and the would’s you could have/would have said or done but you haven’t because… (fill in the blancs).

Well let me tell you one universal truth: Life is not supposed to be fair. It’s supposed to be lived.

So instead of complaining, writing down or recalling  all the instances when you didn’t get what you should have, all the times when you gave too much, or all the times things didn’t turn out the way you would expect them to, make an effort and be grateful for ALL what is in your life.

And when you frown and think: it’s not fair, guess what! It’s not fair. So what? Move on and enjoy the rest which you feel it’s fair.

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