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Wishing You a Crystal Clear 2018!

Wishing You a Crystal Clear 2018!

Happy New Year! May 2018 be…

Please fill in the blanks with what you feel appropriate. I complete the sentence with ‘crystal clear’ as this is the message I have received from ‘Up there’ on the night between years. Some of you might think that this was an induced thought and that it was brought about as a revelation by the breaking of our surprise geode shortly before midnight. Who knows… it could be! Though I somehow sense a deeper understanding of this intention for the year to come.

As humans we tend to overcomplicate things. We thus fulfill the prophecy of Leonardo Da Vinci stating that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

We love it when things turn unexpected turns, open up tens of possibilities of evolution, and this is just amazing. The nasty part starts when we want to pursue all of the possibilities at the same time, when we can’t make a choice, ‘the right choice’ – as we imagine it – with the best predictable outcomes. That’s when we start complicating things, building up scenarios, analyzing options, allowing or dismissing opportunities based on what our head is ordering us to. We think too much, we feel too less.

By force of generational education we trained into listening to the loudest voice, not the most trustful one. The higher the pitch of the voice in the head, the softer and quieter the voice of our heart tends to become. It becomes silent to absent waiting patiently for her turn. Because your heart is always finding a way to make itself listened to. The hard way, the soft way, and always the loving way.

So allow me to wish you a crystal clear year, when you understand that you choose the voice you listen to.

And when you do that, stick with it, be it that of the head or that of the heart. Because… when you listen to several voices at the same time you get confused and tend to forget why you even chose for one another.

I wish you a crystal clear year when you take all the steps in following your voice, no half ways, no sudden stops, but keep stepping the direction of your aspirations.

I wish you a crystal clear year where simplicity brings you peace of mind, when your truth is the one coming from the heart.

I wish you a crystal clear year when you are listening to the only voice that matters: the one of your heart. it sounds like healing crystals joyfully tingling inside yourself; making you happy, excited, hopeful, playful, giggling, tickling, laughing, daring, trusting that the Universe has your back and that there’s not a right vs bad decision to make, but a meaningful one.

I wish you a crystal clear year when your intentions are set in harmony with your priorities, when you keep yourself focused on your path and not that of others.

I wish you a crystal clear year to you listening to the song of your soul: tadam-tadam.

May 2018 be the year when you dare breathe deeply, see deeply and express yourself clearly, from your heart!

Love and Light,




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