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Turning Points

  • Mar222016

    22 March 2016

    I stepped out of a coaching session irritated and disturbed by the constant buzzes I was receiving on my phone. I cursed silently my forgetting to turn it off completely, especially as I was already b

  • Mar232016

    23 March 2016

    Waking up on a numb morning. Grey skies outside and in my heart. I drag myself out of bed and I promise myself I will make a difference today. I still slip from time to time in the carousel of images

  • Mar242016

    24 March 2016

      3. The magical three. Some say three is a charm… Other say three is a lucky number… Day three… I started counting the days from the last end of the world I survived after the

  • Mar252016

    25 March 2016

      It smelled like coffee today on the highway. I opened my window to sense the breeze on my face. The never-ending hideous tail of the car monster was huffing and puffing for kilometres on end. I

  • Mar292016

    29 March 2016

      Resilience: the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Imagine you make a hole in the sand. Within

  • Mar302016

    30 March 2016

      J was late for work yesterday morning. Unusual and frustrating. I needed to leave on time to put the kids to the day camp. Every minute of delay meant an extra couple of instruction barking in

  • Apr032016

    03 April 2016

      Sunday, 10 o’clock. I drag myself out of bed. It’s late, so late! I rush downstairs. The kids are watching TV, my husband is working concentrated on his electronic bugs and threads.

  • Apr042016

    April 04 2016

      Have you seen them? The four white flashing lights in the middle of the night? What about the red one? Have you heard them? Have you recognized the most wonderful annoying decibel limit trespas

  • Apr232016

    23rd of April

    Life as we know it. One month and one day ago the world stopped from revolving around itself. We froze into a horror scenario of bomb attacks in Brussels. We witnessed massive amounts of support and t