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Definition no. 4

Nov 20 2013

Definition no. 4

Definition No. 4

Happiness is a pop-cake-pop.

The one you place in the center of your table decoration after having crafted it for minutes in a row.

From the concept to the table, from the barbecue sticks to the choice of icing.

From the gentle handling of the candy to the mess left behind in the fever of the baking workshop.

From licking the fingers to eating half of the sparkling adornment.

From the first failed attempt to the scissors adjusting the generously grown cakes, to the starry form of the final result.

From the chocolate frosting cream dripping from the heart-shaped pop to the fancy aluminium paper covering the apple holding the pop-cake-pops in  fragile balance.

From the enthusiasm of three children taking the lead in organizing themselves, to the amazement of dad savoring the fruit of their efforts with his 3’o clock coffee, to mom taking pictures of happiness.

Happiness is the pop-cake-pop in the center of the table decoration, the sweet heart soaked in milk chocolate and dipped in poppy seed like bonbons which B chose as reward for his dedication.

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