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Best Enemy

Nov 28 2013

Best Enemy


I will never cease to be amazed at the destructive power lying at the foundation of the humans.

They will use this force not only to ruin everything around them – read it environment, natural resources- but also to wipe away every drop of inner genius mother nature endowed them with.

When humans are born to other humans, both parties start a domination fight. Mom wants the kid to grow a certain way, kids wants mom to stop imposing. It’s not the strongest who will survive, but the one who adapts better – Darwin would say.

Now, Mr. Darwin, here’s my point.

We all grow up one way or another. Or we die on the way.

First it’s the family to provide, then the society.

If you’re lucky – translation: if your choices happened to be the right ones – you might turn out to become one of the winners (though nobody was talking about any race). If you are definitely falling in the other category – the less fortunate ones – then it’s normal that you feel the destructive power of the others, isn’t it?

What about the other way around? When you are a very successful result of all powers molding you and then all of a sudden you become a wreck? Because you, as individual, were working so hard and thoroughly to put yourself down, to minimize your value, to throw dirt at yourself until you couldn’t recognize anymore who is who and which is which. What then?

If you are blessed with friends, they would all tell you how great you are, and you would defy them all, doing your best in smashing yourself to the walls, put insurmountable barriers on your path and demolish yourself and all the valid positive  reference points around you. The more they insist, the more you invest yourself in your mean job.

The worst is – check this out! –  that you cannot honestly say that the image that you have of yourself is because they – read: the others – have made you do this and that. They cannot make you do anything unless you want them to. And honestly, you chose to be your own BEST ENEMY.

You do it to yourself – guess what! This is what humans usually call ‘ hand-craftsmanship’, and it also comes with a high price – I am short at illustrative examples so you will have to trust me on this one.

So, next time when you feel like whining and pouting and complaining, keep in mind: you have the choice of building yourself up. It takes time and self- appreciation – ah, this hurts, right? – and in the end you might not succeed.

So what? It’s not the result that counts – yeah, yeah… You will not be able to quantify your achievement. You will possibly feel frustrated all the way. So what?

The only things that count are The Journey and The Company you chose for: you as your best friend or you as your best enemy.

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