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Definition no. 14

Sep 11 2014

Definition no. 14

Happiness is a tree,

I have been carrying in my heart since I was a child.

There are times when I ignore it.

I miss it.

I cry underneath it and I despise it.. and then I love it and I miss it again.

It’s that tree that shuffles loneliness away, that fills up the deserted hearts.

An old oak tree that knows all the words in all the worlds. It keeps hurtful secrets deeply burried at its roots. It hushes the pains. It brightens the „oh-so-sad-timid-smiles” of the broken-hearted.

It’s that precious tree which shadows the soul. It colors the view when one searches for unuttered answers in the skies between its leaves. It is the tree that would comfort you and hug you with its gentle breeze.It dries all tears and puts sparkles of smiles in their place.

It’s the tree which would blow away all candle flames on cold dark November, or December or March or August evenings.

It would wave you „good-bye” and wait for you to return, maybe next year, maybe next month, always shining with expectation. It would not judge you if you skipped your rendez-vous. It would just stay tall listening to you, nodd at you with its strong branches. It would just exist, there, for when it is needed.

It knows that you will be back. It has lived long enough to know… that you hate it, despise it, ignore it, miss it.

And that you love it and all your dear ones resting in its shadows and lights. It cares about them too.

Happiness is my tree.


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