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February’s book – 2017

Jan 30 2017

February’s book – 2017

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For all of you on the path to success, for all those seeking to understand the inticate mechanisms of success, one book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.
What have I learned from this book?
I have been reminded that the first Law of the Universe is Order.
That silence and quiet times belong to me and to the Universe at the same time and are necessary if you want to live a harmonious life.
It encouraged me to take time for meditation.
It lifted my vibration to the state of pure potentiality.
It made me commit to giving every day to the people around me and to the world, to bless them with my positive thoughts and bless myself at the same time.
It brightened my horizons and offered new insights into what personal responsibility is.
It compelled me trust that nature’s perfect sense of structure lives inside myself too and that where my talents are expressed I thrive.
It dared me have a purpose in all my actions, an intention and a desire to see my dreams come true. It challenged me to understand and accept that nothing is mine and that it is absolutely fine this way as we are more and beyond what we imagine.
It made me be willing to set out further in pursuing my purpose in life which only I can do; to raise myself by lifting others.
I love it for being an easy read with deep long lasting effects; practical reading with daily applications that will give you a nudge towards loving yourselves and all around you. Try just three of its exercises and you will see your life improving considerably in a blink of an eye.

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