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Selena Ardelean | The definition of Happiness
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The definition of Happiness

  • Sep182013

    Definition no. 1

    Happiness is a hole. Happiness is a hole in all my children’s clothes, whether freshly purchased or old and ragged. It is generally situated on the sleeves or legs of the trousers; however it has be

  • Nov192013

    Definition no. 2

    Definition No. 2 Happiness is a yellow maple leaf. The one I have cautiously preserved between the pages of my favorite book. I had grasped it myself in the park while I was walking on a warm autumn S

  • Nov202013

    Definition no. 3

    Definition No. 3 Happiness is a work of art. Of a young talent to be, loftily presented to his audience in the deep darkness of a cloudy winter after-noon, when proud and fully aware of his achieveme

  • Nov202013

    Definition no. 4

    Definition No. 4 Happiness is a pop-cake-pop. The one you place in the center of your table decoration after having crafted it for minutes in a row. From the concept to the table, from the barbecue st

  • Nov212013

    Definition no. 5

    Definition No. 5 Happiness is a pair of new gloves.   Early in the morning, giggling, he peeps outside the window and jumps up with excitement as he’ll go to school on the first snowy day.

  • Nov212013

    Definition no. 6

    Definition No. 6 Happiness is a spinach soup. The one I happened to come across totally by hazard in the new sandwich shop that opened exactly 3 months ago on a lateral street, close to my office. The

  • Nov222013

    Definition no. 7

    Definition No. 7 Happiness is a selfish Friday morning.   It starts after you left your kids in school, after you walked the dog, after you cleaned the mess in the house, after you sipped the las

  • Nov232013

    Definition no. 8

    Definition No. 8 Happiness is a stench. At 4am in the morning when I woke up, I put on some clothes, still half asleep and not exactly knowing what I would  be doing in the next following minutes. Th

  • Nov292013

    Definition no. 9

    Definition No. 9 Happiness is a book.   The one I decided to write myself for the simple reason that it’s been years since I last found one book that would keep me passionate about it for l

  • Dec052013

    Definition no. 10

    Definition No.10 Happiness is a parcel. The one I am about to receive in a few days. I know already what’s inside! All my beloved ones. All those I belong to, all those who are part of me. All t

  • Dec092013

    Definition no. 11

    Definition No.11 Happiness is a remote control car! Or, better, three of them, rushing wildly at the same time, killing my internal ear with their decibels, causing me to feel dizzy and to want to sto

  • Feb032014

    Definition no. 12

    Definition No.12 Happiness is… a fallen tooth! He looks at me with big eyes, smiling round his face. One hand behind his back, one covering his mouth. „What happened?” I ask anguishe

  • Jul152014

    Definition no. green

    Happiness is green! Fresh. Revigorating. Happiness is there, everywhere, every day. It gives a crunchy feeling of a childish careless morning. It’s sour and surprising like a drop of lime juice

  • Sep112014

    Definition no. 13

      Happiness is a cock! A very particular cock which would drive us crazy every summer night around 4am, and 6am, and 2pm and 4pm and 6pm and 8pm and again at 4am! For it is a devoted light warrior wh

  • Sep112014

    Definition no. 14

    Happiness is a tree, I have been carrying in my heart since I was a child. There are times when I ignore it. I miss it. I cry underneath it and I despise it.. and then I love it and I miss it again. I

  • Sep212014

    Definition no. 15

    Happiness is purple. Raw and smooth. It glides softly and courts the golden traces of brush on my painting. It’s cunning and sweet. It goes places. Unimaginable places. It kisses the fingers rus

  • Jan122015

    Definition no. 16

    Definition no. 16 Happiness is a table! She was sitting proudly at the round table, her smile illuminating the festive livingroom. The lacy table cloth was unfolding generously underneath the many pla

  • Feb122015

    Definition no. 17

    Definition no.17 Happiness is made of the things you take for granted… The sight of the full moon on the velvety dark sky, the face of your children, the presence of your lover, the light. The f

  • Jul122015

    Definition no. 18

    Happiness is  the juicy-sour sound of a wild cherry cracking in your mouth when you pull out the thin green leaf hanging out between your lips. Pop! You press its soft smooth skin and flesh against t