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Selena Ardelean | Pe cale…
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Pe cale…

  • Jun042015


    I drop exhausted on the hotel bed smelling like fresh lavender on a summer evening in Provence. It feels like holiday. The red lights of the city dancing in my mind are the ultimate proof for it. I to

  • May272015

    The Bells of Saint Michel

    I was walking down the street towards the school building. I still had a few long minutes to kill. My mind would not stop swirling my thoughts for a second. I pressed my hands against the sides of my

  • Feb182015

    Brief Encounters – Secret Love

    Secret Love One morning she opened to me like the bud of a rose, ready to be admired and yet apprehensive. She knew that once discovered, people would set an eye on her, scrutinize her, judge her, adm

  • Feb182015

    Brief Encounters – Blessed

    Blessed I had barely got the sight of her. She had been watching me with distrust from the shadow of jungle flame tree. The half-open truck full of tourists slowly made a stop next to the forest line.

  • Feb182015

    Brief Encounters – Memories

    Memories The best thing about having memories is that they keep you going when your self-protecting system fails to provide. Everybody – or at least every sane person – has them. Their beauty

  • Feb052014

    Festina Lente

      I brace up and push the door open. The room is empty. Sun invades the space through wide windows. I can see the small dust particles suddenly waking up and frantically bumping into each other w

  • Jan082014

    I don’t know where you are…

    It’s cold. Freezing cold. My steps follow the narrow slippery path to the chapel. I march hesitantly half conscientious of the scenery around me. I do not see the dark shadows of the tomb stones

  • Dec192013

    The Air Displacer

      I work hard. I do my job thoroughly. I am result oriented and I enjoy the process along the way. I am an action person.” GB, air displacer at FWAD. In case you don’t know who/what a

  • Dec122013

    Wish List

      Dear Santa, Since I was a child I had to write you a letter to let you know what I wanted for Christmas underneath the tree. I was never sure if I deserved anything this is why I tried to keep

  • Dec102013

    The rules of work by Richard Templar

    Really an interesting read!

  • Dec092013

    People with stories and stories about people

    Din păcate acest articol este disponibil doar în Engleză Americană. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the

  • Dec092013

    People with stories and stories about people – photography project

    Din păcate acest articol este disponibil doar în Engleză Americană. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the

  • Dec092013

    People with stories and stories about people – photography project

  • Dec092013

    People with stories and stories about people

    And you? What is your story?

  • Nov302013

    Dark chocolate

      I close my eyes. He gently caresses my lips and pushes them apart. « I have a surprise for you», he whispered. I open my mouth in expectation. My smile fades away. Cold. From far away, from

  • Nov292013

    Black Friday

      Generally Friday’s are a reason to celebrate: it’s almost weekend so you don’t go to work the following days, you dream about partying all night, getting down with a wine or t

  • Nov282013

    Meet me at the world’s end

    a soul’s view

  • Nov282013

    Best Enemy

      I will never cease to be amazed at the destructive power lying at the foundation of the humans. They will use this force not only to ruin everything around them – read it environment, nat

  • Nov252013

    The Lady of the Ring

      Crowned 3 years ago, under general anesthesia, that would knock her out for hours without end, she became the Lady of the Ring reigning over The Kingdom of the Rest Rooms. Nobody is born a quee

  • Nov252013

    The Strategy of the Giraffe

      It appears nowadays that each species of the animal ‘regnum’ on Earth has a specific strategy when confronted with fancying-hunting- defending situations. Dolphins are famous for th

  • Nov252013

    Brain teeth brushing

    „Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most troubled in the world?” „You, you you!” the mirror shouted back. I bite on the toothbrush. I wipe the mint foam off my mouth and t

  • Nov232013

    How far can you go for a good shoot?

    This is what I call ‘living your passion’! And it’s so much worth it!

  • Nov212013

    The Legend of the Butterphant

    The sun is coming down on the Nilgiri Hills. The red jungle flames glow in the late rays of the burning sphere. Soon it will be dark. The villagers take shelter in their huts. They have locked their a

  • Nov162013

    Think you know about THE THINKER? Think again

    Think you know about THE THINKER? Think again.

  • Nov162013

    If I were to die tomorrow

      If I were to die tomorrow, I would cry out my soul, for all the miracles I’ve been dreaming and I have for ever thrown away. I would kiss my little ones and entrust them with my smile, fo

  • Nov152013


      I am heading towards the gym’s main door. I feel the cutting wind freezing my ears. I shiver and try to make myself small, head hidden in the collar of my track suite. I watch every step

  • Nov132013

    I see through closed eyes

      I am exhausted. I would so much like to trail to my bed. For one hundred and one reasons I cannot afford that. I try the next best thing. „Mom?” „Yes, B.” „What ar

  • Nov122013

    One way or the other

      „It is going to be… somehow’, says the man. „In fact I do not remember it ever not being somehow. It always ends one way or the other”. He takes a slice of bread,

  • Nov112013

    De Wand Neighborhood

    Another side of Brussels.

  • Nov112013


      „Yes, yes. No. I understand…”. I stop the engine of the car. I struggle to focus on the subject of the phone conversation. I look into the mirror just above my head. S starts

  • Nov112013


      The first Monday at work after 3 weeks of absence. Outlook Inbox: 341 new messages To do: 27 tasks Calendar: 23 notifications Mobile phone (work): ‘You have 12 new messages’. What&#

  • Nov102013


      I like it hot. In the morning, with closed eyes. It deepens my breath. It opens my heart. It unfolds wrinkled soul. It smoothens my skin.  I adore the warm whirlpool that enlightens my body

  • Nov092013

    The Butterfly Effect

      Darkness. I sit comfortably in my living room enjoying the almost silence of the evening. A glass of red wine on the coffee table and an eye on the news. I am not watching. I regard but I list

  • Nov082013

    Tricksie and Snuffy

      ‘Snuf!’ No answer. ‘Snuf, Snuf, Snuuuuuuuuuuuffy!’ No answer. Annoyed by the rudeness of the dog, Triksie climbs down from the kitchen table and starts looking around fo

  • Nov072013

    Bonapartedok with a touch of Broer Bretel

    Bonapartedok with a touch of Broer Bretel.

  • Nov072013

    Let go!

      I have heard it today again, at least two times: let go! It’s a nice advice: how do I do it? And I am questioning and torturing myself in search for the right answer. Have you ever seen a

  • Nov072013

    It’s 7am

      Picture this: It’s 7am. You have a short and vivid night behind your back, populated by strange characters, all chasing you down at the same time  and willing to do something to you. It

  • Nov062013

    Allow yourself to become who you are!

    October 1, 199… Years ago I was invited to be part of the speakers’ panel at the opening of the academic year at my hometown university, as the representative of the freshmen year. I had k

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