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Nov 08 2013

Tricksie and Snuffy

  'Snuf!' No answer. 'Snuf, Snuf, Snuuuuuuuuuuuffy!' No answer. Annoyed by the rudeness of the dog, Triksie climbs down from the kitchen table and starts looking around for Snuffy. She goes to the dog's basket only to find no trace of the beast. She runs further to the saloon and she trips on a peeping hedgehog and ends up widened on the tile floor. 'Comme on, Snuf, this is not fair!' she cries as loud as she can hoping that the dog would finally respond. In vain, Snuffy, the white- woolen-ball-on-legs-with-sharp-ears-and-invisible=eyes, would not answer. 'You know what,...

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