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Selena Ardelean

I set off on my life’s personal adventure on an April evening when mom gave birth to me. I was the Moon in the constellation of a Romanian family.
I used to be a chubby little kid with dozen of dresses in my drawer that were not supposed to get messy when I would climb the trees in the neighborhood.
I remember that, since very early in my childhood, my biggest dream was to become a teacher of English one day. My dream came true a few years later.
As life presents us with challenges and opportunities at every step of the way, I left to Belgium in 2004 following my heart.

There followed a year of a dark depression. Little did I know back then about what a cultural shock was and what it could do to you as a person.
The love for the fellow humans, the challenges, the up’s and down’s while an immigrant in a new host land have made me repeatedly question my identity. They also brought me closer to who I am today.
The main lesson I learned along my way I am sharing now with those who need it during social integration classes, during trainings in intercultural communication, during speaking events where I use my words in order to highlight the fact that the learning process is unique and own to each one of us, regardless the theories between book covers.
Remember, in good times and bad times, you are not alone.

There is at least one person in this world who is willing to help you shake off the dust, stay tall and shine. I am here for you. You deserve to lead the best life you can imagine.

I told you who I am. It’s your turn now.

Who are you? What brought you on my page? What makes you special?What are the answers you are looking for? What’s your dream? What are the efforts you are willing to make for them to become reality? How far are you ready to stretch yourself? What do you want to achieve? Why?

Where do you want to go?

Here’s my hand. Take it. Start off on your journey towards your true self.

Allow yourself to become who you are!