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Nov 23 2013

Definition no. 8

Definition No. 8 Happiness is a stench. At 4am in the morning when I woke up, I put on some clothes, still half asleep and not exactly knowing what I would  be doing in the next following minutes. The old man had knocked discreetly at the window of the guest house. I had promised the night before that I would help him do the yard chores. I was now standing in front of the fence separating the main house from the garden of the main house, wearing an old sweater, 3 sizes...

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Nov 21 2013

The Legend of the Butterphant

The sun is coming down on the Nilgiri Hills. The red jungle flames glow in the late rays of the burning sphere. Soon it will be dark. The villagers take shelter in their huts. They have locked their animals and prayed that the Gods will spare them. The women are long gone. It's been 12 years they have been dreading this period of the year. The Neelakurinji has started to blossom and the mountains are as blue as the skies. Early, way too early.The horizons are far and unknown and this troubles...

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Nov 19 2013

Definition no. 2

Definition No. 2 Happiness is a yellow maple leaf. The one I have cautiously preserved between the pages of my favorite book. I had grasped it myself in the park while I was walking on a warm autumn Sunday. The kids were fooling around, the dog was running wild, I was strolling hand in hand with my man. I was listening to him missing us the time he was away. I was absorbing every word he was saying and selfishly rejoice of him being home. This very yellow maple leaf, the one I cautiously preserve between the...

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Nov 13 2013

I see through closed eyes

  I am exhausted. I would so much like to trail to my bed. For one hundred and one reasons I cannot afford that. I try the next best thing. "Mom?" "Yes, B." "What are you doing on the floor?" " I just lie down and look at you with my closed eyes." "You cannot do that! You cannot see with closed eyes." "You can try me if you don't believe it. Do something and I will guess." B smiles, puts a finger on his forehead and thinks for a second of two what he would be doing....

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