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Dec 19 2013

The Air Displacer

  I work hard. I do my job thoroughly. I am result oriented and I enjoy the process along the way. I am an action person." GB, air displacer at FWAD. In case you don't know who/what an 'air displacer' is, I suggest you to take a look around: he* usually sits quiet at his desk, glasses on, looking completely immerged in his job. He seems to be doing 1001 things at a time, and has the frown of a very concerned person. He tries hard to follow all the threads of his project to...

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Nov 11 2013


  The first Monday at work after 3 weeks of absence. Outlook Inbox: 341 new messages To do: 27 tasks Calendar: 23 notifications Mobile phone (work): 'You have 12 new messages'. What's up: 43 messages from 8 conversations. Gmail (private): 27 new messages; 115 new messages from social media. I sink into my chair. I embrace myself as if suddenly facing a cold winterish wind. I pull my scarf tight to envelope half of my back. I cross my feet under the table. I curve, upper body leaning forward. I stare at the screen and beg for a miracle: that the world...

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