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Selena Ardelean | Triple A Coaching
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Triple A Coaching


How would you describe life in one word? Good, bad, annoying, interesting, boring, exciting…
Actually life is. And the ‘Law of Relativity’ says that it is only by comparison with something or someone that things become something better or worse.
Triple A Coaching is there to make you take a look at your life, search inside yourself and help you decide to become the best version of who you really are.
See this process as a journey where coachee (you) and coach (I) discover together the road to your happiness and personal fulfillment. For some of you it might become a highway towards reaching your well defined goals, for some others the adventure would resemble to a country road with more space and time for self-reflection. Now. Today. Tomorrow again.
You are 100% responsible for your results in your life which are in turn a reflection of your way of thinking in the past. As a coachee you need to commit to yourself – indeed you want better results in your life – to leave the past where it belongs and to start building again – happy, fulfilled, respectful of who you really are.
As a coach, I will be there to guide you through targeted questions, in order to help you raise your awareness, your self-confidence level, your faith and trust in your own abilities. I will be your mirror. The learning process belongs to you.
You can do so much more than you ever thought you would be capable of.
Are you ready to change your life to the best? It’s not going to be easy, but it is surely worth the effort!