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It is my mission to enable and empower you to advance confidently on your path towards you true self.

I learn from the best, I partner with the best in order to serve you the best.



Description: A free of charge personal exploration session meant to allow us to get to know each other.  STARTER is also designed to provide you with general information about the Triple A Coaching mission, vision, method and means (available programs). During your STARTER session you will be able to form an overview on the possibilities available for you to follow towards the next step on your personal development journey. We will discover and assess together your best options.

Advantage: 1 to 1 personal exploration conversation in a safe and cosy atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea with your coach.

Duration: 1 x 30 minutes


Description: A series of trainings of 90 min which take place at the same time, on the same day of the week during 6-9 weeks. This is the perfect opportunity to get familiarized with the insights used in the coaching sessions at Triple A Coaching. In groups of 4-8 people plus your facilitator, you will be discussing, sharing, supporting and encouraging the members of the group on their path to achieving their goals and getting new better results. Online mastermind trainings are also available. The prerequisite conditions in order to be allowed to register for these trainings are: your commitment, engagement and the respect of group agreements.

You can choose from: ‘You become what you think’ – Inge Rock; ‘Rock your life’ – Inge Rock, ’21 Laws of Leadership’ – John Maxwell, ‘Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn’ – John Maxwell.

Advantage: Small group work where respect, courage and positivism form the core values.

Duration: 90 minutes, once a week, during 6-9 weeks, depending on the theme of the Mastermind training.


Description: This is the start of your coaching journey. You may book your coach’s time to accompany you as you take your steps towards your goal, one by one, at a rate of 3 sessions at a time in a period of 6 weeks. These are individual personal coaching sessions. The APPETIZERS are designed for busy life people who need a on the go insights for dealing with a stringent blockage in their lives. These are by no means quick fix sessions. The coach guarantees you the integrity of the approach and commits to your highest good.

Advantage: The APPETIZER calibrates and focuses attention on an urgent specific issue that needs immediate closure.

Duration: 60 min (with a minimum of 3 sessions booked within 6 weeks)


Description: The FORTIFIER program is designed to allow yourself to identify your improvement areas and to enable; equip and empower you with the insights you need in order to reach your goal. This is a condensed trajectory of 5 individual sessions of 60 min combined with a mastermind training, spread over a 3 months period, possibly followed by an evaluation session. Appetizer appointments can be attached to this formula, on request, at promotional rates.

Advantage: This is your short term investment with life changing results.

Duration: 5 x 60 min (to be booked within a period of 3 months maximum) combined with a MASTERMIND. A follow-up session can be scheduled when requested by the client at preferential rates.


Description: The ENHANCER formula proposes a combination of individual coaching sessions, MASTERMIND training and a choice of the DESSERT workshops followed by an evaluation session. This formula proposes a long term commitment with lasting results. Your personal success is built upon the belief that ‘today is better than yesterday’ while focusing on well-defined goals. The ENHANCER will help you identify and replace the unproductive belief systems which stay in the way of your full potential growth.

Advantage: You advance at your own rhythm building new results upon a solid foundation.

Duration: 10 x 60 min (to be booked within a period of 6 months maximum)


Description: An intense efficient formula which aims for radical long lasting effective change doubled by long term personal development actions and/or personal follow-up of your success. THE most powerful package aligning personal goals, insights, increased awareness with a powerful confidence boost on regular basis. This formula combines regular face to face interactions with your coach, online communication, written exchanges.

Advantage: You benefit from the weekly or biweekly interactions with your coach who holds you accountable for your coaching process, she monitors your success, your blind spots, enhances your insights, holds your image, encourages you and provides you with teachings along the way.

Duration: 12/24 x 60 min (to be booked within a period of 12 months) + participation in 2 Dessert workshops at choice.